Acne during pregnancy is the common problem faced by women who are expecting. This is directly the result of hormonal changes taking place all throughout the conception phase. If your existent adult acne is getting worse due to pregnancy, then you are not alone. While some women face Acne During Pregnancy, others report a decrease in skin eruption and breakout. Well, acne can take a serious toll on your self-esteem, reduce your confidence level and mar your appearance. But, the good news is that pregnancy acne is treatable and temporary. So, the feeling of unattractiveness which is so common at this time is not permanent. According to the leading dermatologists, any increase in the level of androgen can trigger acne since they prompt your sebaceous gland to get bigger, and thus boost the production of sebum. It is only due to this excessive sebum, dead skin cells that create an environment for bacteria to multiply rapidly. So, skin eruption and inflammation leading to acne is inevitable.

Acne During Pregnancy

How severe can be acne during pregnancy?

Acne can be moderate, mild or severe and may happen at any phase of pregnancy. Acne may come and go, and its severity differs from person to person. It may take place during the first few trimesters or might last all throughout the conception phase. There are although no way to put a stop to acne, but certain tips might help you out. You may use the cleansing soap every day to check the skin eruption, avoid scrubbing the face with a washcloth, pat the skin dry, and use a good quality moisturizer which is oil-free. Never pop, rub or squeeze the pimples as that can leave acne marks. Use cosmetics that are water-based and not oil-based. Look for the label ‘nonacnegenic’ or ‘noncomedogenic’ upon the products. Such a cosmetic will not cause any breakout as they do not tend to clog the pores. It will be good if you consult your doctor before using any lotion or gel. A lot many over-the-counter acne products are available, but they are not safe during pregnancy. Do not administer any oral medicine as that can lead to birth defects. Some of the medicines like tetracycline, minocycline and doxycycline must be avoided at any cost.

Can the skin acne clear by itself?

As already stated Acne During Pregnancy is just temporary and tends to clear all by itself. Any skin breakout noticed during conception phase is temporary. In other words, any hormonal changes that took place during the trimesters tend to readjust at the later stage. Still, some women like to treat acne as soon as it takes place. For them, the list of treatment options is limited since there is fear of causing harm to the fetus. The best treatment for acne during this phase can be either prescribed by your doctor or midwife. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle can help attack acne. Eat a diet which is rich in antioxidants to prevent further acne breakout. One must start eating fish and fruits like strawberries. Salmon can fabulously address internal factors that might have caused acne. Avoid aerated drinks and start drinking more and more water. Water has a cleansing impact, and thus it can clear the skin.

Managing acne during pregnancy is a tricky affair

When you are pregnant, it is tricky to manage acne. This is so because most of the over-the-counter drugs come with the high risk of causing congenital disabilities. Do not use any medication which has even slightest of a chance of harming the baby. Pregnancy acne is nothing new. It is a cosmetic condition which is natural. Once the hormonal level returns to normalcy, acne tends to subside. Avoid using chemical spot treatment available over-the-counter. There are home remedies that are drug-free and might be tried. Some of the oral medication for acne has simply revolutionized the way acne is addressed but may be dangerous during pregnancy. Many are unsure about the kind of treatment to adopt. Trying to get rid of bad acne and that too when you are pregnant is very hard. You never know what can harm your baby and so you must never use any medication without consulting your doctor. Do not go for any oral medication to treat acne and this should be the first step to undertake.

Ways to getting rid of bad acne

Acne is a part of the deal in the early trimesters of pregnancy. As the conception phase advances, your acne also gets better. But, at times, acne can be very bad and so you may start using gels, lotions with active ingredients as Salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. They are normally used by the ones who suffer from bad acne. Along with these, you may also use natural products to get rid of pimples and pimple marks.

Natural ways to treat acne

Antioxidants are a wonderful treatment for acne, and so you may focus solely on food and drink. No other treatment can be better than embracing healthier practices as they will never harm your baby. Items like red beans, blueberries, kidney beans, etc., are rich in antioxidants. There may be various other kinds of food items that are rich in antioxidants. Apart from this, do not over-wash your face. It is seen that women have this tendency to wash their faces now and then. This eliminates moisture from the face and causes an increase in the oil production. Hence, the skin becomes prone to breakouts. Similar to this, you can adopt various precautionary measures to prevent pimples, rashes, and acne. Use a cleanser which is mild and soap-free. Gently exfoliate your skin and clean it in upward and circular motion. Do not use complete cold water or too hot water.

Always keep in mind that pregnancy phase is not that bad for the skin. You may accumulate a bit of blemish here and there, but by staying hydrated, regularly moisturizing your skin, you may keep your skin glowing. Your complexion may be even more radiant than before.